Licensed / Bonded / Insured
Federal Broker License:
MC# 734130
Federal Carrier License:
MC# 740099
USDOT# 2101289
Dedicated Vehicle Transport was started with the upmost integrity and principles. We are
a small family owned business located in Kansas, the heart of the Midwest.  Much like
many other Americans, we’ve been challenged by economic hardships.  But, with great
experience and a pronounced passion in helping people relocate their valuable vehicles,
we were able to create Dedicated Vehicle Transport.  When you hire us, you will receive
a personal and dedicated service.  We are dedicated to doing everything within our
means to ensure a positive experience for our customers. In every move, there are many
things to take into consideration, and we form a plan based on your needs.  We are
attentive listeners and we are action oriented.  We're bringing a new way to conduct business
in this industry and it's all about honesty and integrity.  You can find my take on the industry and 
some insider information here.
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