Bike Week 2024

Please pay deposit through PayPal then follow up with an email: or phone call: 316-990-0052.

Please include your bike info, pick-up info, and your travel dates.

We're offering enclosed motorcycle transportation for

$2000 round trip from the following states: 


Cant make the ride the ride to Bike Week 2024

Hundreds are opting to ship their motorcycles instead, and catch a flight to Florida for Bike Week!  Maybe you only have a few days to spare for vacation and don't have enough spare time to ride there and back and still enjoy your time at Bike Week? Whatever the reason, we're here to help. 

We have 56 available spaces, and we will update this page once we're full. 

Bike Week 2017 is scheduled from March 10 - 19.

We plan to be in the area ready to unload / load your motorcycles between March 9 - 20.

Please be ready to release your motorcycle as early as 2/20 if we're picking up from you in CA, NV, or AZ, and as early as 2/27 if you're in CO, NM TX, OK, KS, MO or AR.

We plan to be in the Daytona Beach area throughout the event to accommodate any different dates of arrival and departure.

If you're ready to book, please click the 'Buy Now' button above and we'll get your reservation processed asap!

We also offer group discounts if you have more than 1 bike to ship:

2-3 = $2000 Each

4-6 = $1750 Each

6-10 = $1500 Each

We may be able to offer 1 way shipping as well, depending on how many open spaces we have availalbe. Please contact us for more information.

Any deposits we receive are fully refundable if your request for cancellation is sent by email to:, no later than March 1st.  Your motorcycle will be fully insured by the our cargo insurance policy, and it's guaranteed to be in the exact condition at delivery as it was at pick up. Paying the paypal deposit will reserve your space in the trailer and confirms that you've read our terms and conditions found here: .