Broker Service


We are bonded brokers as well as insured carriers. We are tapped into the official carrier network consisting of thousands of insured / compliant drivers, and if you’re looking to transport any vehicle that our own fleet can’t reach in time, we are dedicated to finding a solution that will meet your needs.  We will listen to your situation and form a plan that fits your schedule and budget. As your broker, we make sure that you’re protected and that your vehicle is in the best of hands. We constantly monitor our carrier network for current adequate credentials as well as safety ratings and reviews. We are dedicated to making sure your vehicle is in the best of hands and is properly contracted to the best available carrier. 

Rates / Quotes:

Please allow me to explain how rates and quotes work in this industry: If you look to the internet to get your vehicle transported, you quickly realize that there are endless results of companies offering vehicle transportation services. If you start requesting quotes, 99% of them will be from brokers and they are merely guessing at what price your vehicle will move for in the official Carrier Network. Many Brokers are good at putting on a mask, making it appear that they have thousands of trucks ready to dispatch, but really they’re just depending on the trends of the carrier network in hopes that your vehicle will get moved at their quoted rate.  Keep in mind that ALL Brokers that are licensed with the FMCSA are required to carry bond / insurance of at least $75,000 ((fmcsa link)) and utilizes the same network of carriers.

It is important to understand the #1 gimmick that majority of the quoting brokers are using!  

They’re all after your deposit! Your deposit is usually the broker’s commission for the job, leaving the balance to the actual trucking company that will be delivering your vehicle. In efforts to lure you in and score a deposit, they are usually under-quoting your vehicle transportation inquiry. This is why the lowest quote is rarely the best choice.

So, what happens if you go with the lowest quote?

If you decide to take your chances and go with the lowest quote, you will most likely experience an extreme delay of schedule for pick-up along with your broker giving you excuses, followed by your broker resorting to upselling your booking. Now, most likely you have lost valuable time, experienced unwanted stress, and are now faced with the decision to cancel and forfeit your deposit, or offer to pay more money in efforts to get your vehicle picked up.

Why you should hire a Broker:

Many times as a carrier I’ve heard clients mention about how they would prefer to just deal directly with us and cut out the middle man. While we are open to this idea, I wouldn’t recommend a client do this with just any carrier. I can vouch for Dedicated Vehicle Transport and assure you that we will provide the fairest rate we possibly can and that we do not price gouge, but I cannot vouch for other carriers. By hiring a Dedicated Vehicle Transport broker, you are guaranteed to get your needs met at fair market value based on your schedule and requests.  More importantly, as your broker we make sure that the contracted carrier is properly insured, under contract, and in good standing reputation wise. A broker can also be beneficial in an unfortunate scenario where the carrier has damaged a vehicle or attempts to add extra fees. A broker maintains leverage on a carrier through our carrier network rating system and keeps them accountable. Additionally it is important for the carrier to maintain good relationships with brokers because we are where 90% of their business is generated from. If a person wanting to ship a car is determined to bypass a broker and hire a carrier directly, they would realize that it’s not an easy task. First of all, 95% of all of the available vehicle transportation companies appear to be a carrier claiming to have fleets of trucks, but are in fact only "brokers."  If the person was to filter through the companies and come up with a list of actual carriers and begin inquiring for quotes, they will be very lucky if they happen to find a carrier that will fit into their schedule and even luckier if they’re not paying more than they should.  I’ve heard many stories from clients who have been cheated by carriers in the past such as holding clients' cars hostage, forcing delivery in the middle of the night, and not responding to damage claims. As your broker, we make sure these types of things don’t happen to you.  We’re always here and dedicated to get you the service that you deserve.

How is Dedicated Vehicle Transport any different?

There are many ways we stand out from our competition but the first words that come to mind are honest, fair, integrity, dedicated, and reasonable. Our experience of more than ten years in this industry has allowed us develop a keen understanding of how to satisfy clients’ expectations. We've listened and observed and we’re constantly working to improve our operations in efforts of superior customer satisfaction. We learn what other brokers and carriers are doing wrong and make sure we stay one step ahead.  We like to start the process by listening and understanding all of your expectations for the service, including trailer preference, schedule, and anything else relating.  We are happy to offer advice if you have any questions about vehicle transportation.  We can then generate a quote based on your needs. We do not require a deposit before working on scheduling your vehicle for transportation, so you shouldn't feel pressured into choosing to hire us. Our quotes can sometimes be presented in the form of a range, such as $300 - $400. We do this because pricing isn't always black and white. If for instance, if you’re not in a hurry to get your vehicle moved, we will do our best to negotiate a lower rate with a driver and pass the savings on to you.  We work with you from start to finish and make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. We respond to emails quickly and make sure someone is always on call to answer the phone. We are dedicated to offering the best service possible.


If you've ever shopped for quotes to get a vehicle shipped than you've noticed that there is a huge fluctuation in rates. This is because most all of the quotes are from brokers and the price is basically a guess. It is the broker’s best guess at what they think it will take for a carrier to accept the job after the broker takes their share.  Quotes are more like a market analysis. Much like a Realtor, we have tools that allow us to monitor rates that vehicles moved for in the past and what they’re posted at currently. Our quotes are based on trends. We like to be upfront with our quotes by informing you of what we would like to earn as your broker and what a fair rate will be for your carrier.  If we are quoting you a rate as your carrier, we will gladly explain how it compares to other carriers in our network.  Sometimes we can actually get your vehicle moved cheaper by working as your broker as opposed to being your carrier. For instance, we may need an extra $300 if it’s 300 miles off of our preferred route, whereas ABC Company is going right through your location and can do it for the fair market rate.